In and Around Santa Barbara on My Brompton Bicycle

I was recently in Santa Barbara. One of the things I did was to take a ride my Brompton from the on the Upper Eastside down to East Beach Park. Most of the trip to the beach was along Milpas Ave. I then rode from East Beach out onto Stearns Wharf. I then road from Stearns Wharf up State Street through the downtown back to my motel. The trip lasted about 2 hours in 75 F weather. It sure was a nice day for a bike ride. I hope that you enjoy my video.
On a side note, I lived in Santa Barbara from March of 1979 to November 1985,  I got married in Santa Barbara (a long story), and still have life long friends there.  It was a great place to live, and the weather is ideal.  I have often wondered why I left, but that is another long story.
This is the first video I have made with voice.  I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.