Fortress of Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland – visited 06 August 2012

We visited the Fortress of Suomenlinna in the middle of Helsinki Harbor on 06 August 2012.  Prior to the visit I had never heard of the fortress.  This is an absolutely fascinating place.  You should allow a whole day for a visit.  This fort played a major part in the history of Northern Europe, Sweden, and Russia.  If you ever get to Helsinki, allow a day to visit this Fortress of Suomenlinna.  The fort occupies several islands connected by bridges.

Sweden built the fort in the 18th century.  Finland was part of Sweden at the time.  Parts of Russia down in the Ukraine were also controlled by Sweden.  Sweden lost Finland in the “Northern War” with Russia.  Major battles were fought here between Sweden and Russia, and between Great Britain and Russia.

Ferries operate all day long from downtown Helsinki.  You should check for the latest ferry cost, but it is quite low.  When we visited the fort, entrance was free.  There are many restaurants located around the fort.  There are both private and public ferries that operate between downtown Helsinki and the fortress.  There are two or three ferry landings on the islands that comprise the fortress.

Part of the islands making up the fortress also contains housing for people that work in Helsinki.  These individuals commute back and forth to Helsinki on the same ferries used by tourists .

We arrived about 11 AM and were there until about 4:30.  You will have a full day when you visit Fortress of Suomenlinna.  Remember to have a good pair of walking shoes.

Below is a map of Helsinki Harbor show Fortress of Suomenlina.

Fortress Suomenlinna in the Helsinki, Finland Harbor

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