How to get traditional Finnish / Russian food in Helsinki!

This restaurant is traditional Finnish / Russian from the old logging camp venue.  Specialties include bear, reindeer, salmon, pike, and other foods from the old logging cap days.  The inside is an old logging camp motif.  Reservations are recommended.

I had sliced reindeer, smoked mashed potatoes, and vegetables (see below).

The restaurant is easy to find.  Just Google “Savotta” on Google maps when you have the Helsinki map open (see below).

Map to the Restaurant Savotta, Helsinki, Finland – for the old Finnish Logging Camp style of eating

Restaurant Savotta is very recognizable on the cobblestone street at Aleksanterinkatu 22.

Front of the Restaurant Savotta in Helsinki, Finland

When  you are at the bottom of the hill with a gorgeous Helsinki Cathedral at the top of the hill.  We arrived in the early evening when there was still daylight, and were finished after dark.  Below are pictures of the Helsinki Cathedral  both by day, and after dark.

Helsinki Cathedral by day on the hill over Restaurant Savotta in Helsinki, Finland.
Helsinki Cathedral by night on the hill overlooking Restaurant Savotta, Helsinki, Finland

When you want a taste of rain deer, bear, pike, salmon,, or other Finnish food with an old Finnish logging camp venue, you need to visit Savotta.

Rain deer strips at Restaurant Savotta

The smoked mashed potatoes were great.

For day time, or lunch, you can also eat outside at Restaurant Savotta.

The outside eating area at Restaurant Savotta.

This is a tourist oriented place in my humble opinion, but well worth the visit if you want a feeling of the old Finnish life styles and foods.

When you visit Helsinki, make sure you try the food at Savotta.  I am sure that you have a pleasant visit and a great meal in the old Finnish logging camp style.

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