Passing the day at Ivar’s Mukilteo Landing (Where in the heck is Mukilteo)?

A great place to watch the Washington State Ferry while having lunch or dinner can be had at Ivar’s Mukilteo Landing in  Mukilteo, Washington.  It is about 45 minutes north of Seattle, or about 90 minutes south of Vancouver, BC, Canada.  It is east to find about 15 minutes west of Hwy 5.
I was here many times over 30 years ago while I did a stint at the Boeing plant where they build the 747, 767, 777, 787, and the KC-767 Air Force Tanker.
It would also be a great place to visit before or after a tour of the Boeing Facility.
Ivar’s has great seafood, and a wonderful view is to be had while eating watching the ferries come and go between Clinton, WA on Whidby Island, and Mukilteo.
I stopped for lunch here the other day while returning from Anacortes, WA.  I had a wonderful bowl of clam chowder and a glass of Chardenet.
Below are some pictures I took of the Washington State Ferry, and a map showing the location of Ivar’s Mukilteo Landing.
The Washington State Ferry coming into view at Mukilteo Landing
after crossing Possession Sound from Clinton, WA on Whidbey, Island.
Washington State Ferry approaching Mukilteo Landing.
IMG_0101Washing State Ferry getting close to the dock.
The Washington State Ferry arriving at the landing dock
at Mukilteo, WA from Clinton, WA.
Map showing the location of Ivar’ Mukilteo Landing next to the Washing State Ferry
operating between Mukilteo, WA and Clinton, WA.  The map is courtesy of Google Maps.
I hope that you get the chance to visit Ivar’s Mukilteo Landing.  Even though it had been over 30 years since I visited, it will not take me that long to return for the excellent food and the view watching the Washington State Ferries.