Possible Air Travel Interruption in South America from Volcano eruption

Villarrican Volcano Erupted at 3 AM on 3 March 2015

The Villarrica volcano in southern Chile erupted about 3 AM Chile time Tuesday, 3 March 2015.  It is located about 750 miles south of the capital of Chile, Santiago, near the city of Pucón.  For now the eruption has quieted down.

Travel Interruptions

So far there have been no flight interruptions as all of the volcanic ash has remained at lower altitudes.   At lower altitudes the ash does not to pose a danger to aircraft engines.  For now, Villarrican has calmed down after the short eruption.

In 2011, eruptions from another Chile volcano caused flight interruption for months in Argentina.

No Flight Interruptions so far

No flight interruptions have occurred so far.  We will keep monitoring the situation are report on any possible flight interruptions.

Over the next few days, travelers to Chile and Argentina should watch for more news on the Villarrican Volcano for possible interruptions and air travel delays.  Check with your airlines if you hear of any more eruptions.