Anacortes’s Tommy Thompson Bike / Hiking Trail

Tommy Thompson Trail (TTT) is a great trail in Anacortes to see Fidalgo Bay, wildlife, and the beautiful Northwest.  Biking or walking are great ways to experience the trail.  

The trail starts officially near downtown Anacortes at the corner 11th St and Q Ave.  It goes south from there along Q Ave.  At 22nd St and Q Ave, the it heads through the industrial area.  You can also skip the trail for a few blocks and pass through the marine boat yards.

For me the Tommy Thompson Trail starts at the end of 34th Street, and goes south from there.  There is plenty of parking.  My post starts here.  Following are some maps and photos.

I have not seen any otters this year, but last year saw them on many different occasions.  In the late summer you can pick blueberries along the trail.

You should go for a walk or bike ride on the Tommy THompson Trail.  I am sure that you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Then end of 34th Street in Anacortes is a great starting point for your TTL visit.  The following four pictures were taken just south of 34th Street.
Looking north from TTT is a view of Guemes Island and Hat Island across Padilla Bay.
Looking northeast from the TTT with Hat Island on the left, and March Point on the right.
Looking to the east from the TTT
Looking southeast on the TTT.
About one half mile south on 34th St on the TTT in Fidalgo Bay Resort.  The trail goes through the resort.  The next 3 photos for taken by the blue spot in the map.
Looking south from TTL just east of the Fidalgo Bay Resort at low tide.
Looking to the southeast at low time across Fidalgo Bay just east of Fidalgo Bay Resort.
Looking to the southeast along the TTT and Fidalgo Bay at low tide just east of Fidalgo Bay Resort.
TTT past Ridalgo Bay Resort continues down the old railroad path and train trestle.  There are benches along this portion of the trail, and on the trestle.  TTT ends on the Marchs Point side of the trestle.  The next 7 photos were taken at the blue spot on the map.
Looking to the northwest towards Fidalgo Bay Resort on the TTT.
TTT to the southeast with Marchs Point in the distance.
Look to the south and Washington State Hwy 20 from TTT.
Looking to the east and Marchs Point from TTL.
Looking to the northeast from TTT across Fildalgo Bay with Marchs Point in the distance.
Looking to the north from TTL.
The TTT old train trestle has comfortable benches, and several signs that provide the trail history, and many of the environmental issues of Fidalgo Bay.
Looking to the northwest from the TTT train trestle towards the Fidalgo Bay Resort.

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