Putting A Tern Joe C41 Folding Bicycle Into Your Mustang

I thought it would be easy to get my Tern Joe C41 folding bike into my mustang. It turned out to be not so hard, but you have to disassemble it to do so. This post will discuss the porocess.

The peocess is done in these stepo:

1. Park the bike with the kickstand down,
2. Remove the seat,
3. Disconnect the fron brake,
4. Turn the bike upside down,
5. Remove the front brake,
6. Fold the bike,
7. Put bike in trunk, &
8. Put front tire and seat in the trunk.

Here are the pictures in sequence.

I think I have it now.

I like being able to take a regular size bike with me, and not have to put a bike rack on my car.  The Tern Joe C41 is the perfect bike to go places, and then go for a ride.

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