American Airlines Planes Grounded Because of Pilot iPad Crashes

I wonder if things are getting just a little to complicated at American Airlines.

Yesterday, AA had some flights grounded because the pilot’s iPads would not work.  Supposedly, they crashed, but I wonder if the real reason was that the iPads were to difficult to use.  Of course you know from Apple, the you do not have to have any special training to use Apple products.

It seems this problem happened on some flights for AA’s Boeing 737 aircraft.

I checked today, and a Boeing 737 flight that I frequently take on American is operating.  So whatever the problem was, it has been fixed.  The article does not say, but I wonder which of these possible fixes were the solution:

A.  All American pilots were retrained on using the iPad,

B. Apple overnight made the iPads easier to use,

C. AA fixed their WiFi connection in their 737’s, or

D. New software was reloaded into all of the AA iPads.

In truth, we will probably never know what the fix was.  However, I am beginning to believe that that old statement that you do not have to be trained to use Apple products might just not be true.

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