Public Market, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil – 17 October 2012

Public Market is located the downtown area is a great place to spend some of your time when you are visiting Porto Alegre, RG, Brazil, or anytime you are in the area.

Map showing the location of Public Market, Porte Alegre

This is a historic landmark, serves as a social meeting place, and has many coffee shops and restaurants.  There places to eat inside on both floors, and outside.  With over 100 shops, selling fresh produce and baked goods, locally raised meats and dairy products, and various other food items and handcrafted goods. There are over 100 000 items for sale.  Many kinds of food and deserts for almost any personal taste are available at reasonable prices.  One could spend many days walking around Public Market, and eating different meals without ever eating the same thing again.

Public Market was first build in 1864.  It has experienced several fires, and a flood.  The City of Porto Alegre formed a commission in 1990 to revitalize Public Market.

When you visit Porto Alegre, I am sure that you will spend many hours walking around Public Market, and eating many meals here.

Some of the many areas to eat outside of Porto Alegre Public Market
Some of the many shops with almost any kind of food imaginable.

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