So what is the first thing you do in Brazil? (Reporting from Porto Alegre, Brazil – 16 October 2012)

You should know the answer to that.  You get off the airplane dummy.  There is no hidden answer here.  Now it gets a little more complicated.  You go to your hotel / friends house, clean up (I hope), and then you can begin to think about relaxing.

At this point you might want to thing about getting a “Caipirinha” (see below).  No, this is very hard to pronounce correctly.  Try cai pi rin ha.  If you pronounce this slowly, you will get it.  Otherwise. Everyone will know you are a “Gringo”.  This is really important!  It will lower your “Out of Pocket”, and the terrorists will not be able to find you.

“Caipirinha” – The national drink of Brazil

Now be really careful.  This drink will shake you up, and put you on you rear really fast.  I well not tell you how I know, but I know.

A Caipirinha sort of looks like a Margarita, but it is not a Margarita.  It even has a similar taste.  It is made from Cachaca which its a Brazilian sugar cane rum.  However, it does not taste like any rum you have ever had.  Besides Cachaca, you add some cut limes and sugar.  You would not want this drink if you are a diabetic.

This is the national drink of Brazil.  So it is not going away, or it is not just a trend.Some people in Brazil have this drink made with vodka, and some even have one made out of Saki.  The reason for the Saki version its that three are over two million Japanese in Sao Paulo, but that its a story for another time.

Reporting from Tirol Restaurant in Porto Alegre, Rio do Sul, Brazil.

By the way, I am about to have another Caipirinha.  🙂

More information about Caipirinha:

Caipirinha recopies:

Brazil’s national drink:


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    1. Remember, an apple a day will keep to doctor away. Maybe you forgot this over the last few years, but I am glad you remembered now. New posting later today will be about the “Bolsa do Cafe” (Coffee Exchange) – Now the National Coffee Exchange (Museo do Cafe). I see that you must have been reading my mind.

      Good hearing from you.

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