An iPhone / cell phone portable charger – and really cheap (I even own one)

To put in bluntly, the battery in my iPhone “STINKS”. When I had an Android phone, the battery also “STUNK”. I recently purchased a portable device that can recharge my iPhone. It will also recharge an iPad, or other cell phones and tablets. This portable charger cost me less than $25.00. One of my techie friends spent over $75 for the same ability. In the rest of this post I will tell you why you need one of these devices, show you the device, show it charging my iPhone, and let you know how you can buy it for the same price I did.


Last August, there was a power outage in Alexandria, VA where I lived. So not wanting to stay in my place where it was 100 degrees, I found an air-conditioned Starbucks where I could surf the Internet and keep by computer and iPhone charged. I arrived at the Starbucks about 10 AM. I just stayed there all day (where else was I going to go without AC) surfing the net, and keeping my Mac Airbook and iPhone charged. By 2 PM, people were coming into Starbucks to get the AC relief, and frantically looking for a place to recharge their iPhones. You may laugh, but what would you do if you could not charge your iPhone / cell.

Technical Information.

The first thing you need to do is to charge the device. You do this the same way you do charge your iPhone, iPad, or other cell phone when you use a USB cable to charge your device. Remember, you iPhone / iPad has a cable that attaches to your phone and then to a charger. If you do not use the charger, you can charge your iPhone / iPad from a computer, or most any charge that has a USB charging socket. Some cell phone chargers can also be connected to the charger.

Show me the money (iPhone / cell phone / iPad Charger)

Ok, get off my case. Below are the pictures of the charger.

Out of the box portable charger with the connection attachments

The picture above shows the charger out of the box. All of the different attachments are for your iPhone / iPad, or most cell phones. If you do not have an iPhone, you can probably use one of the connectors that comes with the charger to charge your cell phone.

My iPhone 4S being charged by my new portable charger

Above is a picture of the showing my iPhone being charged. The picture shows the iPhone in a charge mode.

There are many devices like this that can be used as a portable iPhone / iPad / cell phone charger, but most are very expensive. I found this charger on eBay. For less than $25.00, I do not see how you can go wrong.

Of course, most of you may say that I send too many emails, surf the web too much, am a geek, or whatever. I don’t care what you say. I don’t call you stupid either because you do not know how to use your iPhone / smart phone. Someday you will need to make a phone call and not have enough battery power to do it. Remember then, that I told you a way to prevent this from happening. For you other geeks that know what I am talking about, I hope this provides some useful information for you.

By no means is this the only option. However, this is the only option that I was willing to pay for because of the low price.

Should you have an iPhone 5, you could use your USB charging cable to connect for charging.

Below is the eBay link that will show you where you can buy this iPhone / iPad / cell phone charger.


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  1. I just plug my iPhone into my car when driving it it charges in about 1/2 hour. If it’s hot I turn on the a/c. Since we are paying $6 a gallon now for gas this charger and Starbucks might be a cheaper option.

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