The Big Blue Caddy Limo – What at hoot! & The Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant – a great ride & great food

Three years in a row we have been getting a ride in The Big Blue Caddy Limo.  We have ridden it between Deer Harbor Marina and the Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant.  Well almost.  We walked to the restaurant this year, and got a ride back in the Big Blue Caddy.  Riding in the Caddy is a treat that you would not get anywhere else.  Why not?  Anywhere else, the Caddy would have been confiscated by the EPA or the Berkley police driving Toyota Prius police cars.  Anyway, it is always pleasant to looking forward for a ride in The Big Blue Caddy.

The Big Blue Caddy on the way to pick up clients at Deer Harbor Marina
The Big Blue Caddy returning from Deer Harbor Marina with clients ready for a great dinner

The Deer Harbor Inn  Restaurant is located obviously in Deer Harbor about ½ mile from the marina.  It is family run.  The food is great.  Tonight I had the New York Steak Blue Cheese Salad, Doug had Smoked Salmon Fettuccine, and Ron had the Sea Food Salad and Buck Bay Oysters (local Orcas Island treat).

Live music is frequently provided at the restaurant.  Tonight we were entertained by Ron Meyers.  Ron has lived on Orcas Island for more than 20 years, and also teaches piano.  We really enjoyed listening to Ron while we were eating.

Anyway, we really like coming here, and will probably be back next year.

Below, are some pictures of the Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant, and the scenery encountered when walking to eat there.

Passing a Deer Harbor Beech while walking to the Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant
You must be careful when walking to Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant that you are not run over. Even on the weekend there may be a Prius, or something else rushing to catch the Washington State Ferry back to Anacortes.
You pass Gaggs Rd on the way to Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant. If you have not seen the sign for the restaurant, you have been walking too fast.
Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant is to your left as you leave the marina. The sign is approximately 427.2456 feet from the marina. If you walk 438 feet, and have not seen the sign, you should walk back to the marina to reorientate yourself so that you will not get lost.  The sign is on your right as you walk towards the restaurant.
A shortcut to Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant can be found up the road by taking a flight of stairs to the right. A sign there will point you up the hill to the restaurant.
Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant can be seen quickly after getting on the shortcut, and walking up the hill.
Entrance to Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant
Dough and Ron waiting for me to sit down for dinner. It seems that I take too many pictures.
A complete bar is available at Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant, along with a great wine list so that you can have the drink of your choice.
Mike drove us back in The Big Blue Caddy to Deer Harbor Marina.
Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant’s Big Blue Caddy

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    1. Hi Paul.

      Good to see someone actually reads this stuff.

      I take the pictures with my camera, and then use a free product called WordPress. I write the original in Word, then past into WordPress running on my website, and upload pictures into the posting.

      Hope things are well with you and Betty in San Diego.


    1. I am so sorry Mr. Lee, but I do not think that did Pink Caddies that you. Of course, if I remember correctly, you used to work for Mary Kay. I do not know if everybody knows it, but I believe you have both a Pink Caddy, and a Pink Prius (why you changed it from the blue color, I will never know).

      Anyway, Mr. Lee, I am glad you enjoy Pink. Do you shop at Pink also?

      Thanks for visiting my website Mr. Lee. Your comments are most welcome.

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